Do you Tweet ...?

Twitter is quickly becoming one of the most popular social networks on the web. It has surpassed the public criticisms and has made its way into 3rd place (on my list) of top social networking sites behind Facebook and MySpace. Twitter currently has 100 million active users. Within those users are celebrities, athletes, businesses and of course libraries (@bossierlibrary). Twitter is available to those who are 13 or older and have an email account.

So what is Twitter? Twitter is a social network/microblogging site that allows you to post a 140 character message, also known as a tweet. In other words, it’s a website that allows you to send free text messages to your followers (friends). If you set your profile to private, then only your followers can view your tweets, but if you leave your profile public, then the Twitter world can view your tweets. Like most popular social networking sites, Twitter can be accessed from a variety of devices such as, your laptop, desktop, or cell phone. Most cell phones (especially smart phones) have an app that allows you to tweet from your phone.

So why should I consider Twitter? Twitter is worldwide. This means you can go anywhere in the world and tweet; of course an internet connection is needed. Twitter is customizable. You can change the skin (profile background) of your profile to a preloaded skin or one of your own. Profile information is short and to the point. When signing up for an account, the only information that is asked is your name, location, a short bio and possibly a website you want to promote. This allows you to search your friends faster. Another good thing about Twitter is it doesn’t carry as many viruses as other social sites. SPAM email not associated with Twitter, is usually sent to someone. This email invites you to join Twitter, but when you open the email, it opens a virus; this is common among popular websites. Other reasons you should look into Twitter is because most news sites, such as CNN, tweet. Those who have Twitter on their phone are able to tweet news the moment it happens. No more waiting on reporters or the newspaper. There are also a lot of businesses, such as GameStop, that tweet about weekly deals. Again, no more waiting on the Sunday paper to see what’s on sale. When you start tweeting look for some of your friends and favorite businesses; and of course you can follow us @bossierlibrary.

Join us tomorrow as I interview Jaketha Farmer, IT Specialist of BPL about her experience on Twitter. Until next time, happy teching!

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