Interview with Jason Jordan/Best Buy GM, Shreveport, LA

Interview with Jason Jordan/Best Buy GM - Shreveport, LA

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So what can you take away from the iPad interview with Jason?
We learned that the different versions of the iPad cost anywhere from $499-$699 and all models are WiFi. In late April, Apple will release 3 more iPads that have 3G capabilities via the AT&T mobile network. The 3 that will be released in late April will cost more and require a monthly contract with AT&T. We also learned that most iPhone/iPod Touch apps are compatible with the iPad. As far as running multiple apps, you are only able to run one at a time. In saying that, Apple apps, such as the iPod feature and surfing the web via Safari, can run at the same time. Another thing Jason talked about was flash in the iPad. He said, “Steve Jobs has a certain opinion about flash.” And as far as the iPad replacing your personal computer, that’s not going to happen.

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