Are they Tablet Computers or Tablet PCs?

During my research for this blog post, I found some interesting information on this topic. In my first blog released this month, I gave a definition of a Tablet Computer. Again they are devices that only have a touch screen, no keyboards or mouses are needed to use or navigate through these devices. They are also smaller than a laptop, but bigger than a smartphone. So are these devices called Tablet Computers or Tablet PCs? Again, this is a great questions and hopefully this blog will help clear the air.

Tablet PCs have been around for a while. Tablet PCs are laptops that have the ability to turn the screen around 180 degrees and lay flat on the keyboard. This allows the user to write on the monitor with a stylus. You can also use your fingers to type or draw directly on the screen. Programs, such as Microsoft Office, can be installed on these devices. Tablet PCs are not as common as they where a few years ago, but they are still manufactured and are still sold by companies like Dell. An image of a Tablet PC is below.
Dell Tablet PC closed
Dell Tablet PC open

Tablet computers are a bit different. They are flat devices, such as the iPad, that are popular today. These devices are lighter, thinner, and more compact than the Tablet PCs. Tablet computers do not have the ability to install programs. However, they have the ability to install small applications or "apps" as they are more commonly called. Apps can be games (Angry Birds), utilities (Battery Saver), and books (Kindle App).

Apple iPad
So what makes the Tablet Computer more popular than the Tablet PC?  Simple; it's smaller, thinner, and more mobile. But it mainly comes down to what the customer wants. If you want to "keep up with the Jones'," and want something that wont weight you down, then a Tablet computer may be the way to go. If you want a devices that functions like a laptop, but with a few more added features, then the Tablet PC may be your tablet of choice. Either way you go, I feel both devices can be helpful/useful in their own way.