Tablet Computers: Overgrown Touchscreen MP3 Players or What?

Tablet computers are mobile devices that do not have a keyboard or a mouse as input tools (such as desktops and laptops), but instead have a touch screen where users can write with a stylus or use a virtual keyboard that appears on the screen when inputting information. Basically, it’s a device that is touch screen only. Tablets are usually smaller than a laptops and can be using in places where a laptop is too big.  But remember, tablets are 100% touch screen.

Apple iPad (100% Touch screen)

Do I Need One?

This is a question I often get asked and the answer to this question depends on how you are going to use it. If you are on the road a lot and work away from your office, then yes a tablet would be a good addition to your computer collection. If you are a student and are able to take notes on electronic devices, then you may also be interested in a tablet. People who are in a sales position may also see a need for a tablet. They are always showing off their company’s products.

Some people who may not need a tablet are those who are looking to find a cheaper device to replace their laptop. Tablets will not replace your desktop computer or laptop for many reasons. We will discuss about tablets replacing computers in our podcast, so be sure to tune in.

If you have a smartphone and a laptop/netbook, chances are you do not need a tablet. You can do all your work on your laptop. When you need access to the Internet and WiFi isn’t around, use your smartphone to search the web. After all, didn’t you purchase a smartphone partially for its web browsing features?

How Can I Use a Tablet?

Tablets are used for many different reasons. The ones I mentioned earlier were a student taking notes in class, a salesperson showing off their product, and working away from their office/home. But you can also access the Internet on a tablet. Most tablets have a WiFi or 3G connection feature. Some have both.  Most tablets also have the ability to store music and photos. In short, I like to think of tablets as an overgrown touchscreen mp3 player.

For more information on if you have a need for a tablet, check out this article: