April is Tablet Computers Month...

Heard a lot about tablet PCs but not sure what they are? Or maybe you received a new tablet for Christmas, but you're not sure what you can and cannot do with it. Well, for the entire month of April, we'll focus on helping learn what tablet computers are, how they work and whether or not, it will benefit you in the long run.

Also this month, we will continue offering a newest podcast - Tech Tuesdays on the Digital Lovers Blog, which will air right here at 6:30PM on April 12th & 26th. Therefore, our anticipated blog postings and podcast discussion topics are as follows:

  • The History of Tablet Computers
  • Tablets vs. Laptops: Are They the Same?
  • Why is iPad So Popular?
  • What Makes a Tablet Computer Work? - an look at the current "operating systems" available.
  • Who Needs a Tablet? - the benefits of having a tablet computer.
  • Buying a Tablet Computer - which brands are available, features, and pricing.
  • How Can I Get Internet on My Tablet? - what are my options for Internet service?
  • Can I Get a Tablet Instead of a PC? - or Will a Tablet Replace My PC?



Throughout the month of March, we covered Computers & Printers from desktop, laptop and netbooks, along with tips and techniques for inkjet printers. In case you missed it, check out these links!

  • Tech Tuesday Podcast #1 - Learn more
  • Windows 7 vs. Vista vs. XP: Computer Speeds by Charlie - Read now
  • New Windows PC + Old Printer = Will They Work? by Jaketha - Read now
  • One or Two Easy Ways to Save on Printer Ink by Jaketha - Read now

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