The iPad has Arrived ...

The iPad is Apple’s newest release of high tech portable devices. If you are familiar with Apple products, you might mistake the picture above left to be an iPhone, but you can’t make phone calls with it. If we were going by looks, we could say it looks a lot like an iPod Touch (right). Although there are some similarities, the iPad offers much more. Just like the iPod Touch, the iPad will also allow you to connect to WiFi and browse the web, watch YouTube videos, and download your favorite songs and TV shows from iTunes. The major difference between the two is battery life (up to 10 hours), the ability to download electronic books (iBooks), the dimensions are about 5 inches more in height and width and the ability to buy a smaller flash drive capacity (16GB).

In addition, the iPad was custom designed by Apple with an A4 1GHZ processor. The first release of the iPad due out April 3rd will be WiFi-enabled and will not require any type of contract with AT&T to fully use this device (i.e., wireless data plan). However, by later this month (late April 2010) you will be able to buy a 3G version of the iPad (

Unfortunately, the iPad falls short in that it does not have a camera or any video capabilities. According to, there are a few questions that Apple refuses to answer, such as its ability to transfer documents, can you use other media services other than iTunes like Netflix, can it be upgraded, can multiple apps be used at the same time, and will Flash work.

Here is a complete list of the preinstalled apps on the iPad. Join me tomorrow for Tech Tuesday as I travel to the Apple Store located within the Best buy store in Shreveport. There I will interview a Geek Squad agent about the success of the iPad since its release along with the other unanswered questions. Feel free this week to ask your own iPad questions using the Ask-A-Tech form in the right hand column. Until next time happy teching!

· Safari - web browsing
· Mail – email
· Photos – viewing photos
· YouTube – watching videos online
· iPod – listen to music
· iTunes – download songs, movies, TV shows, and more
· App Store – download apps such as games or health tips
· Maps – similar to Google Map
· Notes – jot down quick notes and information
· Calendar – manage your schedule
· Contacts – manage personal or business contacts

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