Facebook interview follow up

Here is a follow up on a few things Mrs. McEntee mentioned in the interview. When she was answering the second questions, she said something about using her iPod Touch to connect to Facebook. In the blog we talked about some cell phones, especially smart phones, having a Facebook app available to download. The iPod Touch is not an iPhone, but can use the same apps as the iPhone. In saying that, the iPod Touch can download and use the Facebook app. Mrs. McEntee also mentioned privacy settings towards the end of the interview. We had a patron ask about privacy settings. Here is the Q/A:

"I just got finished listening to the "Tech Tuesday" interview, she mentioned something about privacy settings like "Friends Only". I have noticed this on my FB account, what do those different settings mean? I use the "Everyone" setting a lot."

When posting a message on Facebook, you have a few options as to who can read the message. The option "Everyone" allows everyone on the Internet to see your message. For instance, if you select "Everyone" when posting a message about the Bossier Parish Library System, there is a good chance that your message could end up in a search engine. This is Facebook's way of making your messages public. This is good if you are promoting a website or event, but not so good when talking about your employer or a family member. The other option mentioned is the "Friends Only." This means only your friends can view your messages.

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