Do you Facebook ...?

Facebook is a social networking site that started out strictly for college students and was available by invitation only. Now, it is a cultural phenomenon stretching across the globe. Facebook has taken hold as the undisputable leader amongst social networking sites. With that title come great demands from users. Some of those demands are for great features, and Facebook offers that. Some examples of Facebook features are, posting pictures, videos, starting discussions, commenting on others pictures, and writing on your friend’s wall. Facebook is free to us for anyone over the age of 13; all you need is an email address to get started.

Facebook can be accessed on your laptop, netbook, desktop or cell phone. Speaking of cell phones, most phones, especially smart phones, have an app you can download to enable Facebook on your phone. You may ask, “Why do I need Facebook on my phone?” I say why not? Having Facebook on your phone allows you to keep in contact with your friends and family 24/7. Besides, most people post what’s going on in life on Facebook before their best friends know.

So, I guess the big question is, “Why should I choose Facebook over the other numerous social networks available to me?” In my opinion, Facebook is more modern and safer than other social networking sites. All Facebook profiles come with a standard white and blue skin (the background of your profile) that is not customizable. This allows pages to load faster, fewer distractions when trying to read my friend’s profile and it gives profiles a more sophisticated look. Also, some Facebook doesn’t carry as many viruses as the other social sites. Facebook was also one of the first social networking sites to have instant messaging, which allows for instant conversation with friends and family. Facebook is the most popular social networking site ( Did you know that Facebook has 400 milion active users and claims 50% of FB users log on daily? What does this mean? Chances are someone you know is on Facebook and keeping in contact with them couldn’t be much easier. With so many friends and family on Facebook, the Christmas card as we know it could eventually fade. Why; (if I may borrow a line from AT&T) “there’s an app for that.” So the big question is; Are you on Facebook?

Don't forget, tomorrow on "Tech Tuesday" we will interview Heather McEntee, Assistant Director of the Bossier Parish Library System on her experiences on Facebook. Until next time, happy teching!

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