March is PCs & Printers Month...

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Recently bought a computer or thinking about buying one? Or maybe you received a new computer for Christmas and you're not quite sure what to do with it. Well, for the entire month of March, we'll focus on helping brand new Windows 7 computer owners.

To help you out, we'll bringing back a SPECIAL EDITION of Tech Tuesdays as well as focus on how to select a new home printer or how to take your old printer and save money on ink and other techniques for printer efficiency.

Our anticipated postings are as follows:
  • Windows 7 vs. older Windows operating systems, such as Windows Vista or XP
  • What Should I Buy First - Laptop, Netbook, or Desktop?
  • MACs  vs. PCs
  • Home Printers 101
    • Learn about the different Types: desktop, inkjet, photo, laser, multi-function/all-in-ones...
    • Ways to Save Your Printer Ink...
    • The Importance of Using the Right Printer Paper...
    • What to Do When You Have a New Computer & an Old Printer...



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