eReader Apps

In this post, we will be talking about eReader apps. Apps (or applications) are software that can be downloaded to a smart phone, computer, or tablet (such as the iPad). These apps generally enhance the use of the device. eReaders have become so popular that companies such as Amazon (Kindle) and Barns and Nobles (nook) have developed apps for smart phones, computers, and tablets. This means that you can literally take your books anywhere.

When you purchase a book from Amazon or Barns and Nobles, you have the option to download it to any device that has the eReader app; unless you have downloaded the ebook to the eReader itself. For instance, if I download the Kindle app to my laptop and I login with my Amazon account information, then I can download the book to my laptop and read it. Although these apps are convenient and free, they are not an actual eReader. This means that you cannot utilize everything that makes an eReader unique.

There are many different eReader apps out there for download. Android has an app for almost all of the major eReaders. Simply search for the app in the Android market or go to the eReaders website and download the software. Apple also has its own eReader apps available to download. Just like the Android market, you can visit the App Store to download your eReader’s app. Again, if you do not see your eReader there, then visit the company’s website and try to download it.

This article has covered just a few ways you can access you ebooks via eReader apps.