Benefits of an eReader

Last week we introduced you to eReaders. This week we are going to take it one step further. Today we are going to discuss the benefits of an eReader. You may be like me and ask yourself “Why do I need an eReader?” For starters, imagine condensing your home library into one device. That’s right, eReaders can store hundreds of ebooks; some can store thousands. So instead of having an entire room to “store” your books, you can have one device that holds them all. The second reason you may be looking to get an eReader is because you may be tired of carrying books around with you everywhere you go. As we all know, vacations are awesome. It’s time away from reality, even if it’s only a day or two. Instead of carrying 2-5 books with various weights, you can carry one device that weights far less than a pound and keeps all your ebooks organized. College students are starting to use eReaders as well. Places like Amazon have many books available to download in digital form; and most of the time the digital books are cheaper that the physical book. As most of us know, college books can be expensive. eBooks is just another way to save.

One of the main questions that is asked about eReaders is, “What should I buy an eReader when a laptop does the same thing?” And that is a good question. But since we are talking about eReaders, we will stick with eReaders. eReaders are lighter, more mobile, cost less, and are easier to read. Computers, including laptops, have a bright screen that basically lights up when in use. This is called a backlight screen. The main drawback to having a backlight screen is your eyes become tired faster. This means less reading. eReaders were created for the reader in mind. They use what’s called E ink. E ink is meant for the eReader to have a book feel to it. When reading an ebook, you feel as if you are reading a real book. This means you can read longer without your eyes getting tired.

Backlight display

Physical book compared to E ink.
There are more benefits to getting an eReader than one thinks. Just like any big investment, research your product, compare them with one another, and purchase the eReader that fits you the most. I'm sure once you sit down and think of way to use an eReader, you will realize that you want one after all!