Kindle vs. Sony vs. Nook: Which is What? (Part 2)

Sony Reader

The second most popular eReader is made by Sony. Sony offers three different models for their eReaders as shown from left to right: Pocket Edition, Touch Edition, and Daily Edition. 

The only differences between the models is size and features. But the main reason many people like this eReader, is you can either buy your books or you can use with downloadable eBook services, such as Overdrive or NetLibrary, if offered by your local library!

Now, all of these models utilize eInk or ePrint technology (what is eInk?). However, unlike the Amazon Kindle, all Sony eReaders come with 12 dictionaries, have touchscreen capabilities, which is a plus for many users, and has bookmarking features so you never lost your place.

The Pocket Edition allows for 1,200 books and has a two-week battery life according to their website. The only complaints, we could find from Internet reviews, was that it requires being connected to a computer for Internet access and for charging. Oh yeah! And it only comes in two colors: hot pink or gray.

According to their website, the Touch Edition allows for 50,000 books via 2GB of on-board memory and has a two-week battery life. Unlike the Pocket Edition, this one offers MP3 capabiilty, where you can put your favorite songs on it and listen as you read. Unlike the Kindle, you must utilize headphones.  Also unlike the Kindle, it comes with a note-taking app (what is an app?) for say a To-Do list. Furthermore, it has an expandable memory slot in case you run out of space for all those books. The Touch Edition comes in two colors: gray or red.

Just like the Touch Edition, the Daily Edition also allows for up to 50,000 books with an expandable memory slot and 22 days of battery life. The advantages to the Daily Edition is that it comes with WiFi and 3G combined. Just like the Touch Edition, you can add your favorite songs, but you must use headphone to listen. The Daily Edition also allows you the ability to subscribe to newspaper and magazines too. Unlike previous Daily Edition models, the most recent model only comes in black only.

The only disadvantages that I am aware of regarding Sony eReaders pertains to the battery life.  Although they claim a 14- or 22-day span, I would like to point out that this eReader only goes into sleep mode after it has experienced one hour of inactivity unlike the Amazon Kindle, which goes to sleep within 10-15 minutes of inactivity. The second disadvantage is the cumbersomeness of learning which software to use for managing your collection along with problems downloading eBooks from the vendor's website, then moving the eBooks to the software - say the Adobe Digital Editions - and finally from the software over to the eReader. Therefore, if you purchase a Sony eReader, find someone who can help you beforehand, so you can get through its learning curve rather quickly and start fully enjoying your books right away.

Like Amazon, Sony has its own eBookstore, where you can purchase titles. Unlike Kindle which requires you to only buy books from, with a Sony eReader, you can purchase titles from any vendor that provides eBooks in ePub format. So, if you haven't already, go out and get your new Sony eReader from the Sony Store online, from Best Buy®, etc., by clicking here to visit the Sony Store today!

Barnes and Noble Nook

The third most popular eReader is made by Barnes and Noble. The Nook now comes in two models: Nook and Nook Color. Just like the Sony eReaders, the Nook (see image furtherest to the right) and Nook Color (see image on the left) allows you to use downloadable services, such as Overdrive, offered by your local library.

First, there is their Nook, which uses eInk or ePrint technology and can hold up to 1,500 books. It comes in either 3G or WiFi models with an expandable card of up to 16GB. It does not support other common formats, such as Word or PDF files, like the Kindle and Sony and it doesn't support radio features or listen to audio version of eBooks. Lastly, the battery life is upwards of 10 days with the wireless is turned off - not good!

The Nook Color is only one of the three most popular eReader brands that offers an eReader in full color. It is 100% touchscreen, can hold up to 8,000 books, allows for newspaper and magazine subscriptions, allows you to share your eBooks with friends through LendMe technology and it comes with preloaded games and Pandora Internet Radio. Just the Kindle, this model allows you to share updates on Twitter and Facebook! However, there are a few disadvantages, such as it only comes in WiFi and the battery life - with the wireless turned off, its up to 8 hours, which cancels out the fact that the memory can be expanded to 32GB.

Besides B&N, the Nook or Nook Color is available at Best Buy, Books-A-Million and other stores. Click here to purchase your Nook or Nook Color or to learn more.

NOTE: This is the conclusion of a two-part series on Kindle vs. Sony vs. Nook: Which is What? Click here to access the first part of this story.