Why Teen Brains Fixate on Stuff Like Tacos & Ninjas?

What would you do if your friend was in an abusive relationship?  How do you deal with a friend who is avoiding you?  Find help with these questions and more, including how to lose weight safely and how to get your parents to trust you at Teen Health & Wellness!

You can easily visit the Teen Health & Wellness website by visiting the Bossier Parish Library website at http://www.bossierlibrary.org and clicking on the Teen Health and Wellness link on the menu on the left.  This link will log you in automatically so that you can access all of the features.

Once you’re on the site you can read personal stories written by teens about their experiences with acne, anxiety, dating, driving, food allergies, being adopted, and dealing with the death of a friend or family member.  You can also write and submit your own personal story – if your story is published on the website you’ll receive a letter of commendation and a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble. 

You can submit questions for Dr. Jan, as well as read questions other teens have asked.  The website also offers a glossary of health terms and information about human anatomy and mental health, including this tidbit about the teen brain:
“Every person interprets the world, through his or her body and brain, in his or her own way. Yet, there are certain things that we can say about the way teens, in general, experience life that we can’t say about small children or the elderly. In other words, teens walk a different walk than the rest of the world. They—you—see things differently from the rest of us. You interpret things—facial expressions, sounds, anger, and even time—in a way that is all but foreign to those who aren’t teens. You sleep differently. You make decisions differently. You act differently. You are different, and it is because you are a teenager. It also has a lot to do with your brain.
What do we mean when we ask, “How does the teen brain work?” More accurately, we might ask, “What is the way in which the teen brain interprets the world and then causes the teen body to act upon those interpretations?” In a general sense, the answers to these questions have been called teen brain syndrome. It sounds downright nasty, doesn’t it? But if you think about it (with your brain) for a little while, it may not be as far off the mark as it seems.” (Wilson, 2011)
Check out the site to find out more about why the teen brain works differently!  Other topics that you can learn about on the site include:

  • Body Basics
  • Developmental Disorders
  • Diseases, Infections, & Conditions
  • Diversity
  • Drugs & Alcohol
  • Eating Disorders
  • Family Life
  • Friendship & Dating
  • Green Living
  • Grief & Loss
  • Mind, Mood, & Emotions
  • Nutrition, Fitness, & Appearance
  • Safety
  • Sexuality & Sexual Health
  • Skills for School, Work, & Life

Wilson, Michael. "The Teen Brain." Teen Health and Wellness. Rosen, 2011. Web. 20 Jan. 2011.

Tonya Oswalt has worked with the Bossier Parish Library since April of 2007, including 2 ½ years in teen services.  She strives to make the library a more interesting and entertaining place for teenagers by providing them with new books and regular teen programming, including a monthly get together on the first Saturday of each month, a teen summer reading program, and four lock-ins a year.  For more information about any of the Bossier Parish Library’s teen programs, contact Tonya at 746-1693 or toswalt@state.lib.la.us.

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