Hey! Homework Help is Just a Click Away?!?

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Mom, I need help with my homework!!!  Or….What did my teacher say I need to do to solve this algebra problem???  Or ....Periodic Table of Elements----What is the Periodic Table of Elements????  Do these sound like familiar questions being asked at your house when it’s time to complete homework?  Are you as a parent at your wits end after a long day at work and can barely comprehend two plus two? Or are you a middle school, high school, or college student who needs a little extra help to complete an assignment?  All of you are in LUCK!!!!! 

The Bossier Parish Library offers free online homework help to all students from elementary school to college freshmen and sophomores and even adults seeking a GED through a service called Tutor.com.  This service connects Louisiana K-12 students, adults preparing for the GED and college students to a live tutor online for one on one help with homework. It also offers studying and test preparation in all core academic subjects including math, science, social studies and English. It’s awesome!!!

If you or your student is having trouble with a homework problem or concept, call on the professional tutors from Tutor.com for help. Every tutor is a highly qualified expert who has completed a thorough background check. Tutors are certified teachers, graduate school students, university students, and professionals in their fields.  Upon accessing Tutor.com, you or your student is connected to a tutor anonymously in a secure online classroom where you will use text-chat, an interactive whiteboard and secure web sharing to communicate with the tutor. Once the session is completed, the session can be printed or emailed to yourself for later review. The professional tutoring portion of Tutor.com is available Sunday-Thursday from 2:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.  Tutoring in Spanish is available as well.

Another great feature of Tutor.com that I have neglected to mention so far is the SkillsCenter.  The SkillsCenter is a facet of Tutor.com that allows students to access online resources such as streaming videos and worksheets to build skills in math, science, English and social studies. These resources are available 24/7!!!

With Tutor.com available at your fingertips, Mom and Dad can relax after work instead of trying to figure out the capital of Vermont, and upper level students can get that little bit nudging when they are stuck on a problem.  There is no reason NOT to take advantage of this great resource!  It’s FREE and available to anyone who needs it.

The Best Way to Access Tutor.com:

Tutor.com, which is also referred to as Homework Louisiana, is the leading online tutoring and homework help service. The Bossier Parish Library, through the State Library of Louisiana, is providing this free service, which can be accessed from within the Bossier Parish Library or from your home computer by visiting www.bossierlibrary.org. Once logged into the site, click on the first link under Research and Homework: Tutor.com/Homework Help. If you are within the borders of Louisiana, you won’t even need your library card!

For more information, contact Connie, Reference and Education Coordinator at 318-746-1693.

Connie has been the Reference and Education Coordinator since August 2010 and has been with the Bossier Parish Library since 2006.  Since becoming the Reference and Education Coordinator, she has been training staff and the general public on how to take advantage of Tutor.com.  There has been a lot of positive feedback from everyone including the local high schools that have introduced the database to their students. 

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