Want to Learn a New Language Fast?!?

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Have you ever wanted to expand your horizons and learn a new language? Maybe you have tried buying or checking out books from the library. Maybe you have thought about getting Rosetta Stone but was turned off by the hefty price tag. Well, look no further because Bossier Parish Library now offers an online foreign language learning service that’s FREE for active library cardholders.

Through our website, you can gain access to Mango Languages, which is the easiest and fastest way to learn a new language. If you will be visiting a foreign country soon or just want to take a quick lesson or two, then try out the Basic version of over 30+ languages. Or if you want a more in-depth teaching at a slower pace, try the Complete 1.0 or 2.0 version of most languages.

Once you delve inside of Mango, you will notice that with each chapter lesson, you will be introduced to a new word, phrase, or sentence, that you can see and hear, then it’s your turn to practice saying it aloud. Similar to Rosetta Stone, Mango Languages now has a Voice Comparison tool, that enables you to record your pronunciation and compare it against the "native speaker" via the software. Now needing computer speakers and/or headphones, you would also need a computer microphone to utilize the Voice Comparison tool. To be honest, for the nontechnical user who might not be use to record sounds via their computer, this part might be a bit cumbersome. But even without it, you still have fun trying out a new language. The following video takes you behind the scenes of  Mango and gives you a brief tutorial of a lesson.

How You Get Started:

To sign up for Mango Languages, go to http://www.bossierlibrary.org/ and in the right-hand column, look for the Mango icon (as shown).  Click on the icon and you will be redirected to a login page. Here you will enter your BPL library card number and four-digit PIN (usually the last four digits of your library card).  Upon providing the correct login information, another page will appear where you will click on the Mango Languages link (or its icon as shown) and you will be forwarded to the actual Mango Languages website where you can begin. Before you go any further, feel free to bookmark that page for future reference.

Before you can access a lesson, you must decide how you wish to use this service. As shown in the video above, you can use it as a guest by clicking on the "Start Learning" button or you can create a profile so you can keep track of your progress for the remainder of the year. To create a profile, all you will need is your email address and a password and then click the "Signup" button.

Selecting a Foreign Language:

To browse or select a course, click on the Course tab across the top of the page, and then browse the 30+ courses listed under “Foreign Languages for English Speakers”. (If you are an ESL student, you would click on the “English Courses” link instead).  

Once you have selected the language that you would like to study, click it and you will be redirected to a web page where you will see the options for Basic, Complete 1.0, Complete 2.0, etc. Select which route you would like to take, but before you can begin the actual course, Mango will perform a system check of your computer to ensure that two features are either enabled and/or installed.

First, it will check to ensure that Javascript is enabled. If not, it will tell and may even provide on-screen instructions for how to correct this. Click here to learn how to turn on Javascript.  The second system check is to verify your current version of Adobe Flash Player. If its outdated or not installed, then just like Java, it might provide on-screen instructions, but if not download it here. Once the system check is complete, your lesson will open in a new window. Now, you too can have fun with Mango!

Since late-2007, Jaketha has worked as the Information Technology Specialist for Bossier Parish Libraries. For the past 14 years, she has worked in the technology industry for several public library systems in Louisiana and in Mississippi. She is currently using Mango Languages to learn French and Haitian Creole.

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