Fire Up the Grill!

With Memorial Day coming up, it's beginning to feel a lot like Summer and for most of us that means enjoying something from the grill! We've found some fun tech toys to make grilling easier.

BBQ Grill Buddy App

This easy to use Timer lets you select your food and how you'd like it cooked, then lets you know when to flip your food along with a countdown clock so you can see time remaining. Never wonder how long food should be on the grill again! 


This gadget makes starting the BBQ easier than ever! Unless you use a gas grill, lighting the grill can be time consuming and -  depending on how much lighter fluid  - you use a little dangerous! This device allows you to safely start a fire in under 60 seconds and you don't have use any lighter fluid which can change the taste of the meat. 
Not just reserved for summer, this gadget is helpful when starting fires in the fireplace or while camping in cooler seasons! 

iGrill Thermometer

This thermometer works with your iPhone to allow you to check the temperature of your grill from several feet away - keeping you from having to get up out of that comfy lawn chair every few minutes. 


If you're not sure about using a smartphone to check the temperature of your grill, the Thermapen provides a more accurate reading than most meat thermometers. This means you never have to worry about under cooked food. 


We've saved our favorite gadget for last! Grillbots are the world's first automatic grill scrubbers. These devices take the grunt work out of grilling and let you get to the fun part - eating! There's no set up required, just push a button and watch them go to work. 

What do you think of grilling tech? Helpful or unnecessary?

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