Apps for Weather Safety

This post was inspired by the increasingly loud rolls of thunder outside my office window this afternoon. Lately our area just can't seem to catch a break!. Safety during inclement weather has been foremost on our minds. Smartphones and tablets have become an increasingly popular way to stay safe during storms. Fully charged devices can provide hours of updates, even when the power has gone out. Below we'll recommend a few apps that may come in handy.

The American  Red Cross Apps

The American Red Cross organization is often the first on the scene in areas where natural disaster has struck. They've also developed several apps to provide specialized information. You can get an app on everything from general first aid to specific types of disaster, like flooding or tornadoes. You can also find a shelter and even get first aid information for your pets! 

Visit the American Red Cross website for more information. 

The Weather Channel App

This app offers alerts and national forecasts. It also offers up to the minute updates during bad weather. You can also get daily information, like humidity, chance of rain and, of course, temperatures. 

Local Area News Stations

Most of the local news stations in this area offer free weather apps. During bad weather, these apps can offer the most up to date information available and have the added bonus of being locally based. They can often break down what is happening by neighborhood and even streets. 

There are weather only apps available from KTBS, and KSLA

Do you use your Smartphone to keep up with the weather? What's your favorite app? Tell us in the comments below!

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