Apps for Mom!

Mother's Day is just around the corner, so this week we're sharing apps that can make Mom's life just a little easier.  


One of the biggest challenges parents face is keeping track of everything that needs to be done in a day. There are several apps available that allow you to coordinate your daily to do lists. 

Awesome Note
Awesome Note, made by Bridworks, is an app that the company claims is the "most All-in-One organizer. It allows you to create To Do lists, calendars and notes - even allowing you to create folders to keep everything organized.
Cost: $3.99


Like Awesome Note, Evernote allows you to create To-Do lists, make folders, and take notes. It also allows you to collaborate on projects with other user and it syncs across devices. What does that mean for you? You and your spouse or partner can share information with this app. Update one app and all other associated phones or tablets will update as well! Evernote also allows you to update from the website.
Cost: Basic level use is free, it includes everything list above. There are also Plus and Premium options available if you find you need more features.

Grocery Lists/Coupons

The apps above offer basic list making, which can work for groceries. However, apps that are specifically created for grocery shopping offer some advanced features. 

Grocery IQ allows you to make grocery lists for multiple stores, and even allows you to organize the list by aisle keeping you from having to backtrack because you've forgotten the milk. Like Evernote above, you can update your lists from the computer if you wish. You can also add print or email coupons from the app or website. Want to share your list? You can email right from the app. 
Cost: Free. 

Shop Savvy
ShopSavvy app is less about making lists, and more about finding the best price available for your item. This app will search online and in stores to find the very best price available. You can search manually or by scanning the bar code. It also allows you to browse similar products and see local sales.
Cost: Free

For the Family

This app allows you to create accounts for each child and assign them chores. For each chore completed, points are earned. Those points can be spent on rewards of your choosing. Like a chore wheel for the digital age. 
Cost: Free

We'll let the website for Mom Maps explain their service: 
Mom Maps helps you find family fun places, kid friendly locations on the go! Search our extensive list of kid's parks, kid's playgrounds, kid's restaurants, kid's museums and kid's indoor play areas. Search by category or zip code, and you're good to go! In addition to a comprehensive kids play guide, you'll find contact information, reviews by parents, for parents and directions.
This app comes in handy whether you're looking for something close to home or while traveling.
Cost: Free

And of course...

We always recommend the Overdrive and Hoopla Apps. These services are free with your Bossier Parish Library card and allow you to borrow eBooks, Audiobooks, Music and Movies! 
Take some time for yourself to enjoy your favorite book or band. Visit our website for the links! 
Cost: Free. 


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