Coming Soon to BPL - Flipster!

Soon you'll be able to read magazines on your smartphone, tablet or computer for free with Flipster! 

Available starting July 1st, Flipster is a free service that will allow you read magazines without having to visit the library to check them out. No return dates to remember and no late fees! Stuck in a doctor's waiting room with only outdated magazines? Now you can borrow one on your tablet or phone right there in the waiting room! 

How do I use Flipster?

If you are on your computer, simply visit the Bossier Library homepage: and click on the icon for Flipster on the right hand side under the Digital Media/eContent banner. This will take you to the Flipster homepage where you can begin choosing the magazines you'd like to read. 

If you are reading on a tablet or smartphone, you can download an app. It's available on iTunes and for Android

We think you'll love Flipster! There are literally hundreds of magazines available, from the popular and well known like Entertainment Weekly and Food Network Magazine to lesser known magazines devoted to subjects like History, Aromatherapy and Helicopters. There are even academic journals like the School Library Journal (one of our favorites) and Mathematics Enthusiast. 

You can now get step by step instructions on using Flipster on your laptop or tablet here on our next blog post!