Keeping New Years Resolutions with BPL - Read More Books!

For many people, New Years Resolution means reading more books or reading different types of books than you normally choose. For example, several people at the library are choosing to meet this reading challenge, which was created by the website PopSugar.

There are several ways that Bossier Parish Library can help with your resolution to read more books. There is, of course, the most obvious answer - we certainly do have a lot of books available for free. But beyond regular paper books, there are several other ways to borrow books. 

eBooks from Overdrive

eBooks allow you to read books on your computer, tablet or phone. One of my personal favorite aspects of eBooks is that I can access them anywhere I can use my phone. That means I can read while on a break at work or even waiting in line at the grocery store. So much more enjoyable than scanning the tabloid headlines or counting the items of the person in front of you in the express lane.

Overdrive is an app that allows you to read eBooks on your computer, phone or tablet. It's part of your library account, so there's never any charge. The books return automatically so you can't even be charged late fees. New books are added to the collection every day. For some of these books, you'll need an Adobe ID. This is a free ID that you create using your email one time only. If you're not comfortable with creating an Adobe ID, don't worry! There are plenty of books you can still access.
Overdrive is available for: Apple (via iTunes) Android (via Google Play), Windows Phone.
Download for other devices including Kindle, Nook and your PC can be found on the Overdrive Website.

Audio Books

Audio books can be a great way to read more books while still taking care of other responsibilities. You can listen to audio books during your daily commute or while running errands around town. They can also make more unpleasant tasks like household chores or exercising more enjoyable. You can checkout books on CD to listen in your car at any Bossier Parish Library branch. 

Bossier Parish Library also has two online services that offer Audio Books: Overdrive and Hoopla. These services allow you to checkout Audio Books on your computer, tablet or smartphone. These books return automatically, which means you never risk overdue fines. Both of these services are available as apps for tablets or smartphones, or you can access their respective websites on your computer. We did a instructional post on Hoopla here on our blog.

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