Keeping New Years Resolutions made easy with BPL -- Learn A New Skill

This month we're focusing on New Year's Resolutions and how Bossier Library can help you keep them. This week's focus is learning a new skill!

Many people decide that the New Year is a perfect time to learn a new skill and there are several free tools from Bossier Parish Library that can help with that.

Learn to fix your car with The Chilton Library

Get the detailed information you need to tackle vehicle maintenance and repairs. There is a tool to help estimate the costs of labor and repairs so you can make informed decisions about your vehicle. You can even take practice tests for ASE certifications! 

Take care of your own legal matters with Legal Forms Library

The Legal Forms Library is just as described - it's a database of legal forms available to the public. Though neither the site or the library can offer legal advice, we can offer free legal forms. There are forms available for everything from Last Will and Testament to Name Changes. These can be completed and printed from any computer with internet access. 

Create a professional resume with Cypress Resume

Writing a resume can be tricky - it's fine line between too much and too little information and between being memorable while still remaining professional. Many programs like Microsoft Word have templates available, but those can lack personality. Cypress Resume is a free service available through Bossier Library that makes writing a memorable resume quick and easy! You choose phrases that describe you and your work experience and Cypress Resume assembles them into a professional resume. You can even create an account, which allows you to save your resume and come back any time to add experience without starting all over. 

As always, Bossier Library has books and DVDs on many of these subjects. They can be found on the special spotlight section of our catalog