New Tech Wednesday!

Thanks to the Labor Day holiday our schedule is a little off, so this month's New Tech Tuesday is actually being posted on a Wednesday. We hope you'll still enjoy all the shiny new gadgets.

There are many exciting smartphone accessories available on the market today. For our New Tech Tuesday (one day late) this month, we'll be discussing a few accessories to make your smartphone even more versatile.

External Camera Lens 

The camera phone means that most of us have a camera at all times, ready to capture the perfect photo of the sunset, family and friends or just our evening meal. There are also lenses that allow your phone to take panaramic pictures, perfect for capturing landscapes or, in our case, the many books on our shelves!

The newest external lens in the news turns your smartphone into an almost professional level camera. The latest lens from Sony is bringing interchangeable lenses to your smartphone.
You can find more information on the new article from


Listening to music and movies is made even better with external speakers. There are many choices for external speakers for smartphones, including smaller speakers that plug into the headphone jack of your phone and wireless speakers that connect to your phone via bluetooth. The good news is, the variety of speakers available on the market means you'll be able to find one in your price range. You'll even have your choice of colors! 
There is even a speaker that learns your moods and preferences and plays music accordingly! The Aether Cone features a complex algorithm that allows it to learn what you like to listen to, when and where and tries to play music accordingly. Read Gizmodo's review to learn more! 

Portable Chargers

Using all of these fancy accessories or even just using your phone in the course of your normal day can really drain your battery. Unfortunately, we can't always be near an outlet to charge up. Luckily, there are portable chargers there to help you when your batter starts to fail. Like the speakers, these portable chargers come in almost every price range. There are some that run on batteries (which means you have to change the batteries before charging) and some that are rechargeable themselves. There are a variety of sizes, though most can charge a smartphone from almost dead to full charge at least once. The one we'll be talking about today goes the extra mile - it reminds you to take it with you when you're having a busy day! 

The Smart Power Battery from Elgato syncs with your calendar and sends you a reminder to bring it along any time you have a full schedule. It also sends you a notification when your battery starts to run low. 
You can read more about this battery from Elgato on

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