Apps for the Sports Fan

Fall is almost upon us and that means football season will soon be kicking off. (See what we did there?) College football season started on Wednesday August 27 and the NFL will have their first game on September 4th. These days being a sports fan is so much more than watching the game on television or arguing about your teams' clear superiority at work the next day. The rise of technology means that fans can connect to their favorite teams and get information about stats and scores in brand new ways.

For this week's blog focus we will be recommending Apps for Sports Fans. Football may be on everyone's mind but it's definitely not the only sport that inspires devotion, so we'll be discussing some apps that cover multiple sports.

ESPN SportsCenter App

This app is exactly what you'd expect from ESPN. It covers all major sports, including European football. You can customize the updates that you receive including specific teams and score and stat updates as well as breaking news. With over 43 million downloads, this is the go to app for many sports fans. 

This app is free and available in iTunes and Google Play

(Image via ESPN)

Yahoo! Sports

This app is similar to the ESPN app, in that it covers most major sports. It also offers the ability to program alerts so you get up to the minute news from your favorite teams and writers. 

This app is free and available on iTunes and Google Play

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Team Stream by Bleacher Report

This app also covers all major sports. It gathers content from other sites, newspapers, blogs and Twitter, so it's coverage is varied and far-reaching. However, like the other apps, it allows you to customize notifications, so it sifts through all this information for you and presents only the subjects that you're interested in. You can set a feed solely for your favorite team, giving you all the updates on the team in one screen. 

This app is free and available on iTunes and Google Play.

(Image via iPhone Life Mobile App 

This app, unsurprisingly, offers only information on NFL teams and games. It gives you access to breaking news, in-game highlights, and live scores. It allows you to set up custom team news. 

This app is free and is available on iTunes or Google Play

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What are some of your favorite ways to stay up to date on your favorite sports? Comment and let us know what you think! If you have an idea for blog posts or questions/comments, you can contact us on Facebook or Twitter