Tech Tuesday: Spotlight on new technology

It's New Tech Tuesday! On the first Tuesday of every month we will be spotlighting a new and exciting technology available to the public.
This week we're talking about Wearable Technology!
Wearables have been a popular topic lately, especially among those who love technology and are always on the lookout for the next shiny new toy.
The most popular version of wearable computer is the Smart Watch. A smart watch is a wearable computer small enough to pass for a wristwatch. They connect to your phone, usually using Bluetooth. Though smart watches don't have all the functions of your smartphone or tablet, they do let you view email, text messages and notifications. You can also control music playing on your phone.
Most of the major phone manufacturers, like Samsung, Sony, Motorola and Apple have released a smart phone or have plans to do so soon. There are also options available from smaller companies, like Pebble which used a Kickstarter campaign to bring their device to the public.

 Smartwatch by Sony

Most of these smart watches have the same features, though there's no word yet on whether they're able to call your car to pick you up when you're in trouble. 

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