Online Services at your local library (And they're free!)

This week we'd like to spotlight some of the free services offered by Bossier Parish Library. The best part? All of them are available online from your home computer! You don't even need to leave the house! Last week we covered Mango Languages, which allows you to learn a new language for free. This week we're going to cover a few of the lesser known online services.

Auto Repair Reference Center (ARRC)
The ARRC is a free database with information on the repair and maintenance of cars and trucks. It gives basic information on various model cars all the way back to 1953. It provides step by step instructions, complete with diagrams. It even has estimates on time and cost of repair, for those of us who would rather leave the repair up to professionals. Now you can arm yourself with knowledge before taking your car to the mechanic.

Writing a resume can be tricky - it's fine line between too much and too little information and between being memorable while still remaining professional. Many programs like Microsoft Word have templates available, but those can lack personality. Cypress Resume is a free service available through Bossier Library that makes writing a memorable resume quick and easy! You choose phrases that describe you and your work experience and Cypress Resume assembles them into a professional resume. You can even create an account, which allows you to save your resume and come back any time to add experience without starting all over. 

The Legal Forms Library is just as described - it's a database of legal forms available to the public. Though neither the site or the library can offer legal advice, we can offer free legal forms. There are forms available for everything from Last Will and Testament to Name Changes. These can be completed and printed from any computer with internet access. 

These are just a few of the online services available from your local library. Access to these and many more is available through the Bossier Parish Library website:

Comment and let us know what you think! If you'd like more information on these or any other library services, you can call your local library branch or contact us on Facebook or Twitter