The Kindle 3

This week, we are continuing our discussion about ereaders and will be talking about the Kindle from Amazon. There are 3 versions of the Kindle, but we are only going to talk about 2 of them; the WiFi and WiFi+3G. Both are affordable and both have some awesome features!

The Kindle was first released on November 19, 2007. The day Kindle was first released Amazon’s stock ran out in 5 and a half hour and stayed out for 5 months! That just goes to show how highly anticipated this device was. The crazy thing is, the Kindle starting price was $399. That’s extremely high compared to what it is today. The Kindle 3, 3rd generation, is scheduled to be release later this month, August 3, at a steal; $139 WiFi and $189 WiFi+3G. If the new Kindle does what says, then the Kindle 3 is a nice piece of equipment. It still carries the 6” screen, but it packs some awesome features. The storage space has been doubled to 3500 books! The battery life is truly amazing as well. The Kindle 3 can go a month on a single charge; of course that’s with the WiFi turned off. Overall, this is an awesome device even for the casual reader.

Keep a watch for our review later this week. Until next time happy teching!

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