HTC Droid Incredible

Staying with our Droid topic, this week we will be blogging about the HTC Droid Incredible. This Droid Incredible was the second release of the Droid phones that Verizon carries. This phone was the first of its kind to have a 1 GHz processor and 512MB RAM (that’s fast). Your basic desktop computer has a 2 GHz processor. My first computer had a 1.3 GHz processor with 256MB RAM. Although the original Droid was dubbed the iPhone killer, the Incredible was the device that gave Apple’s product a run for its money. The HTC Incredible is 100% touch screen and comes with a ton of features; Bluetooth, 8MP camera, WiFi, and they even added a lot of cool features to their social networking apps. This device also come standard with Google Maps.

Over all, this is a great phone. Be sure to check back this week as we compare the Incredible to the Droid. Until next time, happy teching!

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