The Nook

Over the past few years, many companies have been thinking of ways to go “green.” Companies in the book businesses have been thinking the same. With magazines and books being thrown away, and the waste of a lot of paper, publishers and the like have come up with devices that have changed the way the world will read books forever. I am talking about eReaders. eReaders are devices that allow you to read a book cover to cover electronically. This week we will be discussing the nook.

The nook, developed and sold by Barns and Nobles, is a one of a few popular ereaders on the market right now. When picking up and ereader for the first time, you will notice the screen does not have a backlight. This enables you to literally read books, magazines, etc. anywhere. Whether you are at the beach in the sun or in the quiet of your home, the nook can be read anywhere. Another key thing you will notice is there are 2 version of the nook. One is $150 and the other is $200. What’s the difference? The cheaper of the two is WiFi only whereas the more expensive one is WiFi and 3G. And the $200 has a dark grey back (if the makes a different). The good thing is that’s the only difference. They both hold 1500 books, can search over 1 million titles, and they can download samples of books for FREE.

Be sure to check back Thursday for our product review. Until next time… Happy Teching!

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