Asus Laptops

Asus (suse) has been around since 1990. It is based in Taiwan. Asus is a multinational computer product manufacturer. They produce mother boards, laptops, servers and mobile phones. Asus also produces parts for Dell, Apple, and HP. In saying that, we know Asus produces quality products.

This week we are going to discuss Asus laptops. Asus laptops can be purchased at many different locations throughout the United States. Best Buy is one of the more popular stories that carry Asus. On they claim to sale 15 Asus models. These computer models range from lower priced netbooks to high-end laptops. Asus has done a good job in keeping their products up to date. For example a lot of their laptops are equipped with an i3 processor or higher. They also have 2+ GB of memory and the hard drives are able to hold 500+GB of information. In saying that you know when you buy an Asus, you are getting a good product.

Be sure to check back Thursday as we compare an Asus laptop to some of its top competitors. Until next time, happy teching!

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