This ain't your parents music player! - Sony Walkman

Sony has always prided itself in selling quality electronics. Whether it is a TV, computer, or music players Sony strives to produce products that customers love and enjoy using. The Sony Walkman is no exception. The first Walkman was marketed in 1979. The somewhat bulky cassette player was very popular at the time. Through the years the Sony Walkman has evolved into what we use today. The Walkman is more than a music player. On some models, you can view pictures, listen to music, and even watch movies. One model lets you surf the web.

We are going to start with the Walkman W series. The W series is a unique mp3 player. This mp3 player eliminates the need for cables and wires. The mp3 device has combined the headphones to make 1 unit. The W series Walkman will hold nearly 2GB of music; that’s almost 1000 songs. The next mp3 player in the Walkman family is the E series. The E series can hold anywhere from 8-16GB of music and video. It also has an FM tuner built in. The battery life is impressive at 30 hrs of music play back and 4 hours video play back. The next Walkman is the S series. The S series is another unique mp3 player. They can play music, videos, and the radio just like the other. But the S series can also record voice and radio. The battery is beefed up holding up to a 42 hour charge with 6.5 hr of video play back. The last Walkman that we will be talking about is the X series. This is Sony’s attempt to rival the iPod Touch. In saying that, the X series is touch screen, Wi-Fi enabled, and has the same features the other Walkmans have. The X series is an awesome device. Like I said at the beginning of this article, Sony has always produced good products and the X series is no exception.

Enjoys the Walkman talk this week. Until next time, happy teching!

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