HP Laptops

Hewlett-Packard, HP, was established in 1939, but didn’t trademark the name until 1954. HP equipment can be dated back to 1941. One of HP’s first clients was The Walt Disney Company. Disney purchased equipment to better the surround sound for the movie Fantasia. As Hewlett-Packard grew so did their products and their knowledge for technology. Today HP provides desktops, laptops, servers, printers, and cameras to name a few. They also sell switches, wireless access points, and WAN routers making them the 2nd largest networking company in the world.

This week we will be discussing HP laptops. Like most companies who sell laptops, HP’s range in price, size, and memory. For instance the cheapest HP laptop sells for $379.99 and the most expensive sells for $1699.99. The reason for the big price gap is again size, memory, and processor speeds. The smallest amount of memory (RAM) in 2010 HP models is 2GB. Some models can be upgraded to 4GB. The smallest laptop, not netbook, HP produces has a 13” screen, while the biggest screen is 18.4”. Hard drives in these laptops range from 250GB to 640GB. The processors range from single core 1.7GHz to duel core i5 2.23GHz. In layman’s terms, that’s fast in both performance and startup time.

In our product review Thursday, we will compare the HP G42t to some of its top competitors. Until next time, happy teching!

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