App Spotlight - Apps for Gardeners!

Today is the official first day of spring, which for many people means it's time start thinking about this year's garden. That is, for those of us who haven't been planning all winter. Today we're going to talk about what may be a surprising source of gardening help - your smartphone! There are several apps available today that can help you plant your garden, whether you're an amateur or an old pro.

Garden Time Planner by Burpee

Garden Time Planner app from Burpee is a valuable tool for information on when to sow, transplant and harvest your plants. You add the plants you plan to plant and it will automatically create a timeline and reminders for you based on your region. This app also includes information on local weather, a database of plants and how-to videos. 

This app is free and available in iTunes and Google Play

Garden Squared

This app allows you to plan any kind of garden - container, raised bed or square foot. It also has information from starting with seedlings. Users can also journal their experiences for use the next year. 

This app is free and available in iTunes and Google Play

Garden Compass

According to their website: 
If you have a plant, pest or disease you need identified...look no further. The Garden Compass Plant and Disease Identifier app allows you to take a photo and submit it to our team of expert horticultural garden advisers who will identify it for you, as well as provide you with specific product recommendations to resolve any problems you may have. As your photo passes up the queue you will be kept informed as to its progress.

This app is free and available in iTunes 

Garden Manager

The Garden Manager will allow you to set a reminder to water you plants daily. You can set multiple alarms. This app also allows you to keep a photo log of your plants. 

This app is free and available in iTunes and Google Play

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