Get help with Overdrive - now even easier!

Getting help with Overdrive is now even easier! But first:

What exactly is Overdrive? 

Overdrive is an app that allows you to read eBooks and listen to audio-books on your phone or tablet. It's part of your library account, so there's never any charge. The books return automatically so you can't even be charged late fees. New books are added to the collection every day. For some of these books, you'll need an Adobe ID. This is a free ID that you create using your email one time only. If you're not comfortable with creating an Adobe ID, don't worry! There are plenty of books you can still access.

Overdrive is available for: Apple (via iTunes) Android (via Google Play), Windows Phone.

Download for other devices including Kindle, Nook and your PC can be found on the Overdrive Website. You can also get to the Overdrive site through the Bossier Library homepage: There is a link on the right hand side for Overdrive.

As great and convenient as Overdrive is, occasional problems can occur. Sometimes a book won't download correctly or might not download at all. Getting help for these issues is now easier than ever - and you can go straight to the source. Bossier Library is now signed for Frontline support from Overdrive. That lets you skip the middle man in the IT Department here at the library and go straight to the tech support at Overdrive itself. This allows you to save time as you don't have to wait for library staff to contact Overdrive on your behalf. 

So, how do you use FrontLine Support? 

If you have a problem with a book or audiobook in Overdrive, the easiest way to contact them is through the GreenGold/Overdrive Website. If you use Overdrive this site will be familiar to you, as it's the one you use to find and borrow books. 

To access Overdrive FrontLine support, first click the Help Icon at the top of the page. You can see it below outlined in blue. 

On the Help Page, you can find How-to articles and instructions. If those are not helpful, click on the Support button near the bottom of the page to access FrontLine support. 

The next step will be to choose your library - in this case Bossier Parish Library. (Lucky us near the top of the list!)

This takes you directly to the Overdrive FrontLine Tech Support contact page. Fill out all the information, including Name, Library Card Number, Email, and the exact problem with the book and Overdrive will find a solution! 

The greatest thing about Overdrive FrontLine support is that they are available for Bossier Parish Library patrons 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Having trouble downloading a book on Christmas? In the past you would have had to wait for the library to reopen, but now with FrontLine support you can get help, even on holidays. 

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