Gift Guide - Tech to Make Chores Easier!

'Tis the season for giving, so this month we'll be giving you some tech gift ideas for people in your life. This week we're talking about gifts for the person who likes to work around the house (or better yet, these will make things easier for those who hate working around the house). .

Black and Decker AutoSense Drill

This drill and many others like it, take the guesswork out of drilling. This drill can sense when the screw is fully seated in the material and will stop drilling. This keeps it from 'stripping' a screw so that it's difficult to remove and from drilling so tightly that it splinters the material you are working with. It also has built in lamp so you can always see where and what you're drilling.

Image via Gizmodo


This is a motorized, automated garden hose. Now, we know what you're thinking: Who could possibly need a garden hose that fancy? After reading about online, we do! This hose is housed in a hard shell on wheels that allows you to pull it around your yard without worrying about kinks or tangles. It also has a remote that allows you to turn it on and off. There's even a timer that allows you to regularly water your lawn for up to a month. When you've finished watering a battery powered motor carefully winds the hose back into the housing, keeping it out of the way.

Image via RoboReel

Roomba and Scooba

iRobot has several devices to help you around the house. You've probably heard of the Robot Vacuum cleaner Roomba by now, but did you know they have a machine that will scrub your floors? They also have a mopping robot and even ones for outdoor chores like cleaning your pool or gutters. 

Image from iRobot

ECOVACS Window Cleaners

Just about the only thing iRobot's devices don't do is clean your windows. That's alright, ECOVACS has a robot that can do that for you. 

Image from the-gadgeteer

These amazing new gadgets could help with chores in almost every room, but unfortunately for us the price tag on most of these items makes this more of a wish list than a likely purchase list. We'll just have to hold out for the ultimate in housework technology. 

Image from Boomerang