Taskos: A To-Do List App for Android Users

For the month of August, we'll be discussing free and paid software to help you save time and money.


One would think that since I work in the field of technology, that I'd utilize software installed on my computer that would help me manage my time. Ha Ha - not so! At work, I have Microsoft Outlook, but that's about it.

On a personal note, I spent more time with my Android-based smartphone then anytime else. Therefore, when I needed a way to track my to-do items for work or play, I decided to visit the Google Marketplace - now known as the Google Play store - in search of an app.

For the past year or so, I've been using a free app called TaskOS (http://www.taskos.com).

Learn more at http://www.taskos.com/ 

TaskOS is a free to-do list, which allows its user you to:

  • Create your own to-do list categories. My categories are Work, Home, and Business.
  • Set color-coded, priorities list for each task - high (red), normal (yellow), or low (green).
  • Set a deadline to indicate when this task needs to be completed.
  • Share a to-do list item with one of your contacts, which helps in keeping you accountable for completing that task.
  • Adds notes - type a note or use the speaker icon to record notes for a particular task.
  • Set a alert. The alert settings are off, one-time, or recurring.

You can even add a widget to one of your screens. There it will display at least one of your current to-do list item. Once you have completed a task, open the app, click the box next to that item, and the app literally crosses it off of your to-do list.


If you're a TaskOS user, tell us about your experience with this app. Or if you're a iPhone or Blackberry user, tell us about a free or paid app that you have found helpful in better managing your time.

In our next article, we'll discuss both free and paid software for maintaining the health and functionality of your Windows-based PC. Thanks for you tuning in!

1 Response to Taskos: A To-Do List App for Android Users

November 22, 2012 at 12:26 PM

There are plenty of this task manager apps. I am using Evernote. In this year also will be launched EverDo.it - app for Evernote users, dedicated for them.