Smartphones: The iPhone

The iPhone was released by Apple in 2007 and has quickly become the # 1 smart phone in the US. I believe some of the reasons for its success is because one, it’s made by Apple, and two, there are 185,000+ apps available for download. As of April 2010, the App Store has seen 4 billion total downloads. These apps range from showing you how to cook to maintaining your bank account. Another reason I think the iPhone is so popular is because of its hardware. The iPhone 3GS comes with a 600MHz processor with 256 MB RAM. This enables the iPhone to reach speeds not many cell phones can reach.

So what are features that I can use daily with the iPhone? The iPhone was designed with both the general public and businesses in mind. In saying that, let’s start with the general features and work our way up. Like most phones, the iPhone has a camera. The 3GS version records video and allows you to edit the video when finished recording. This is great for birthdays, vacations, and other family events. Another feature that comes with all iPhones is the iPod feature. Yes, the iPhone is a fully fledged iPod. This allows for music to play at any time. iTunes is also on the iPhone. This literally means you can purchase videos, music, and games from the comfort of your home; better yet, the comfort of your bed. The iPhone also doubled as a mini computer. Like we mentioned earlier, the iPhone 3GS has a processor that allows for fast internet browsing. Another thing Apple did when creating the iPhone was, think about children’s safety. Apple added Parental Controls to the iPhone. This allows parents to have control over what apps can be downloaded, when songs can be downloaded from iTunes, and what they can watch on YouTube. You can say it’s mom’s best friend. Of course, what phone is complete without messaging feature? The iPhone has almost every kind of messaging feature available today: texting, I.M., email, audio messages, picture messaging, etc. The iPhone can also use Skype.

For the business person, the iPhone is still a great phone. You can set your business email on your phone. Stay in contact with colleagues with the messaging feature discussed earlier. The iPhone also has a built in calendar. You can integrate your Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo calendar on the iPhone. You can also set reminders.

The iPhoneis truly a phone in another league with the 185,000+ apps for download and the processing speed the 3GS offers, not many phones compare. Be sure to listen to our Tech Tuesday interview with Leslie Woodall, Admin. Assistant for BPL as we interview her about her experiences with the iPhone 3GS. Until next time, happy teching!

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