Internet Protection Tips for Parents

  1. Once it's online, it's ALWAYS online!
  2. Do not post any identifying information online.
  3. Never share passwords with anyone!
  4. Set profiles to private.
  5. Teach your children that "stranger danger" also applies to the Internet.
  6. Do no post any pictures.
  7. Be very careful about adding a stranger to your "friends list."
  8. Give you child permission to tell you if something is wrong online.
  9. Monitor your child's online activity.
  10. Warn children about the dangers of "chat rooms."
  11. Limit online activity.
  12. Accompany your child if they want to meet someone they met online.
  13. Check your child's profiles and blogs.
  14. Report anything suspicious or threatening to the networking site.
  15. Don't assume that filters or security programs will protect your child better than you can.

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