Christmas 2009

Ok... I know...! It's a little late to be posting a blog about popular Christmas gifts, but if your like me and wait untill the last minute to do all your shopping, then this blog may be what you need for a last minute Christmas gift idea.

Ok, for my first gift I'm going strait to the big stuff; a flat screen LCD TV. Due to the popularity of these televisions, I doubt there will be a shortage in the Shreveport/Bossier area. I will say that you may want to get them now rather than later, because the cheaper ones will sale faster. Plus, the "Big" games are right around the corner (BCS National Championship and the Super Bowl) and store love to play with prices around this time of the year.

For my second recommendation, I am going with a family item; the Nintendo Wii gaming console. I know, it may seem a bit childish, but the Wii will create family togetherness and everyone will have fun in the process. Not only are the "younger" games fun (Mario Kart, Wii Sports, and Wii Play), but Nintendo has released a Wii version of Super Mario Brothers (the popular game in the mid-late 80's). This gaming system is also wireless and can surf the web. NOTE: Since the release of the Wii, they have sold out rather fast. I have a feeling that Nintendo will push out a good amount just in time for the Holiday season.

Another great Christmas gift that is popular every year are laptops/notebooks; especially with the new release of Windows 7 (Released in October 2009). Laptops are great for high school and college students. They are also great for those of you who travel a lot. Dell, Toshiba, and HP are a few companies that will have specials. Check you local Best Buy, Office Depot, or Walmart for the best deals.

Of course, I can't have a Christmas gift list without a few cellphone. And with the choices that are available to you, a new cellphone will not disappoint. AT&T has, the always popular, iPhone made by Apple. AT&T also has the Black Berry Bold. Both good choices for smartphones. Verizon has the Droids (Motorola and HTC). Both phones are touch screens and fast. Another phone Verizon has is the Black Berry Storm. A touch screen black berry that is powerful and rivals the iPhone.

And if there is a female in your life, jewelry will not disappoint. A nice ring or necklace would be the perfect finish to a good year.

As always, all of the items mentioned above are popular items. I cannot say that they will be in the store when you do your shopping, but I can say that each of these items are good gifts and are affordable, especially with the holiday sales.

From the I/T Dept. at the Bossier Parish Library System, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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